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I can't stand the way you tease...

I had the day off today, it was so nice to sleep in. <3

I woke up, got ready and waited for the mail man.
He's normally here between noon and two pm. I know this b/c that's when I have to rush out any letters to the mail box to get them to Henry lol.

I only got one letter this week from my dearest Henry. :/
Sorta upsetting but I know he's busy and he needs to focus on that.
As much as I miss him and want him to think about me I want him to focus on basic.
I hope he makes it.
I know he will.

I miss him more and more everyday.
My heart psychically aches for him.
It's silly... I know.

I don't expect anyone to understand, and it's not like I'm asking for sympathy.
I just really miss him.

For three years, every single day Henry and I have either spoken on the phone, spoke face to face or chatted online or texted one another.
There was never a day for the passed three years where we did not have some form of contact... This is killing me D:

I know I can make it through this.
It's just so hard...

I miss him.
Every day I miss him.

When we got to speak on the phone last sunday it took everything I had not to cry.
I know I have to be strong for him.
I have to stay strong.

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